Am I Splitting the Vote?

We need to get rid of Trudeau and by voting PPC, aren’t we going to split the vote?

It is a question that is asked repeatedly and the answer is quite simply “No”. A vote for Pierre is going to bring the exact type of government that we’ve always had whether it was Liberal or Conservative.

The following is a list of all the issues that point to the fact that Pierre may be an effective conservative finance critic, but has some very liberal ideas and supported bills that aren’t very conservative at all. Pierre is at best, left of center and closer to the liberals than he is conservative.

  • Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development
  • Paris Climate Accord
  • Carbon Tax
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Bill C-6 Banning Conversion Therapy
  • Digital ID
  • Digital Currency
  • Vaccines
  • Vaccine Passports
  • Suspended Doctors and Nurses
  • Lockdowns
  • Drag Shows for Kids
  • Mass Immigration
  • Smearing the Freedom Movement and Trucker Convoy
  • Ukraine War
  • The World Economic Forum Issue

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Paris Climate Accord)

Believe it or not, it was the Conservatives pushing for Sustainable Development with Brian Mulroney signing us into Agenda 21 in 1992 and Stephen Harper (2015) signing us into Agenda 2030. While the goals of sustainable development appear to be admirable, its implementation leaves much to be desired.

Universal basic income, our current education system, LGBTQ agenda, unrealistic move to renewable energy, smart 15-minute cities, fertilizer reduction, meat reduction, protein substitutes such as crickets and other insects, carbon taxes and the loss of personal transportation are all encompassed in Agenda 2030.

Carbon Tax

Pierre Poilievre has been in favour of carbon taxes multiple times in his career. The Conservative position on dealing with carbon emissions has been all over the place. From supporting a direct-to-consumer carbon tax, as Erin O’Toole did in the last election, to regulating emissions for industries as the Harper government did, to promising a cap-and-trade system. Brian Lilly wrote the following column in May 2022 on the Conservatives flipping back and forth on carbon taxes.

Conservative environment minister John Baird (2008) said, “Carbon trading and the establishment of a market price on carbon are key parts of our Turning the Corner plan.”

Universal Basic Income

Pierre Poilievre has the privilege of picking his deputy leader. It begs the question then as to why he would put someone like Melissa Lantsman in such a role when she openly supports a liberal/socialistic idea such as Universal Basic Income. Have a listen:

Bill C-6 Conversion Therapy

Bill C-6 made it illegal to provide counselling to gender confused children. The Commons unanimously passed a bill banning conversion therapy. The bill, which was fast-tracked by several Conservative MPs as well as Mr. Poilievre, ensured that parents would be charged and fined if they wanted counselling for their children. Counselling is especially necessary for children who have been sexually abused.

Digital ID / Digital Currency

Poilievre has stated “And to answer your question I will never allow the government to impose a digital ID.” These are words that are great sound bites, but does he mean it?

The Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) include target 16.9 which aims to “provide legal identity to all, including birth registration, by 2030.” … Individuals are required to show identification to access healthcare and education, vote, and access other social assistance programs. Bill Gates has donated $1.27 Billion dollars to the United Nations to ensure digital ID.

The United Nations, Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and a host of other stakeholders came up with ID2020, a program aimed at giving every human on the planet a digital ID, like a fingerprint, in order to keep everyone connected. Consider checking out their website mentioned above.

The only way that Pierre can keep his promise is to pull out of the United Nations and Agenda 2030. He has not signaled any intention of doing that!

Digital Currency

Poilievre is a big proponent of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. He has suggested that Canadians can “opt out” of inflation by pouring money into these investments, and he doesn’t want the Bank of Canada to offer a competing product.

Bitcoin has had a volatile run in recent months as central banks have increased interest rates to tackle pandemic-driven inflation, making speculative investments less attractive. The price of bitcoin has dropped from $67,567 US to as low as $15,883 US since its November 2021 high.

The Central Banking system works in union with all the other countries of the world. We have seen the influence of the Goldman Sachs Alumni who have been in charge of many of the world’s central banks. Mark Carney is a perfect example of a Goldman Sachs alumni incorporated into both the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England. If the Central Banks decide they are creating CBDC’s (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Canada will have no choice but to follow suit. In order for Pierre to stop it, he would have to dissolve the Bank of Canada.

The link below shows the Canadian Central Bank isn’t taking Pierre to seriously and neither should you.

Vaccines / Vaccine Passports / Suspending Doctors and Nurses

The Covid Vaccine is an area where Poilievre has flip-flopped on many of his positions. He complained that the government wasn’t doing enough to get vaccines into the arms of Canadians, but he supported the trucker convoy and their freedom to control what goes into their bodies. He speaks about getting rid of the vaccine mandates for the Canadian Armed Forces, but disregards the doctors and nurses who lost their job for not getting the jab.

Below, Pierre Poilievre wants more doctors and nurses but not the professionals who didn’t get vaccinated and lost their jobs.

Poilievre may have come out and spoke against the CanApp used at the airports, but he required “Vaccine Passports” if you wanted to go to one of his leadership rallies.

This tweet is from April 7, 2022 while Pierre was campaigning for the Conservative leadership race.

The fact is, he was pushing vaccines and the only way to show you were vaccinated was to have a passport.

See below for the video of Pierre questioning the governments slow response for access to vaccines.


For 2 1/2 years lock-downs ravaged small businesses. The retail sector was decimated while big box stores were given amnesty. Restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, theaters, concert venues, bars and entertainment venues were shut down and put out of business while the government forced its measures. The silence coming from the opposition parties was deafening. While Erin O’Toole and Poilievre had opportunities to speak up, they decided to remain silent while the economy suffered and people lost their jobs, their livelihoods and their businesses.

Drag Shows for Kids

Silence is all we hear when given the opportunity to bring some perspective back to this argument. While no one should be silenced for their choice of sexual preference or lifestyle, children must be protected from something they may not understand. Kitty Demure explains this so well and yet not one MP has ever spoken out against this phenomenon.

Mass Immigration

Pierre will not commit to any target for immigration. He speaks on sustainable immigration.

Freedom Movement and Trucker Convoy

While Maxime Bernier has not stopped going across the country and speaking out for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to travel (and yes he was arrested for doing just that), Pierre came out to support the truckers only after Erin O’Toole stepped down and had his quick photo-op to gain support for his Conservative leadership run.

He has since attacked one of the people who inspired the Trucker Convoy, a member of the European Parliament, MEP Christine Anderson from Germany, calling her vile and a racist for speaking out against the 1 million Syrian refugees who came in and wreaked havoc on the German economy and raped Germany’s young women. Does this constitute racism or was that a call for help from an engineered mass migration without any thought on its consequences? Pierre forced the three Conservative MPs to apologize for meeting with Christine Anderson.

MP Colin Carrie, MP Leslyn Lewis, MEP Christine Anderson, and MP Dean Allison

It appears that all Conservative MP’s must tow the line when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Ukraine War

First, it should be mentioned that the PPC is neither pro-Ukraine nor pro-Russia. We wish to stick to the facts.

Volodymyr Zelensky was described as a “champion for democracy” by Justin Trudeau before he received three standing ovations from the Canadian parliament. In 2022, Canada committed over $5 billion in direct financial, military, humanitarian, and immigration assistance to Ukraine. It has become clear that this is not a war that we should have ever been involved in.

Zelensky, the champion of democracy, has since arrested all of his political enemies, shut down news organizations critical of his leadership and arrested Priests, Nuns and Bishops in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and seized their possessions.

NATO infringed on the peace treaty with Russia and began its expansion into buffer territory. The Baltic republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, once parts of the Soviet Union, joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as did Poland, Romania and others. That put NATO forces hundreds of miles closer to Moscow, directly bordering Russia. NATO’s interest in Ukraine would allow missile strikes where there would not be any time to retaliate. This puts the world in a very stressful situation that is not good for Russia and is dangerous for the NATO alliance. Russia is more likely to consider a preemptive strike instead of a defensive retaliation.

This is a very similar situation to what John F. Kennedy faced during the Cuban Missile Crisis when Russia was going to install missiles 90 miles off the coast of the USA. Unfortunately, the media does not point this fact out.

The US has sent $113 Billion to Ukraine, causing concern, with Ukraine’s reputation for corruption, that there may be money laundering involved.

Pierre Poilievre is supporting a war that we should never have been in.

The World Economic Forum

The Great Reset – Klaus Schwab – “You Will Own Nothing And You Will Be Happy”

This is an issue that will not go away for Pierre. His picture was shown as a member of the World Economic Forum and then suddenly disappeared along with Doug Ford’s picture as soon as Pierre began his run as Leader of the Conservative Party. Doug Ford’s picture disappeared when he was running for premier.

The fact of the matter remains, there are many conservatives that have been involved with the WEF Young Global Leaders Program and are members of WEF. Some of the Conservatives throughout the years have been members. John Baird, who was Pierre’s campaign manager, is a member, as well as Stephen Harper, Tony Clement, Michelle Rempel Garner, Rona Ambrose, Scott Brison, Jim Flaherty, James Moore, Blake Richards, Peter Van Loan and Andrew Scheer.

When Harper attended the conference in 2012, he gave a speech describing the WEF as “an indispensable part of the global conversation among leaders in politics, business and civil society” and said that “in the face of continuing global economic instability, the opportunity this gathering provides is now more valuable than ever.”

It should be mentioned that Maxime Bernier, as Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, did travel to Davos, Switzerland to meet with his counterparts from other countries. Maxime was there for two days in private meetings with other foreign dignitaries to discuss helping Canada with their mission in Afganistan. He did not attend any events to do with WEF. Mr. Poilievre knows this but continues to promote that Maxime went to Davos. Maxime was there from January 25 to January 26, 2008 (Friday and Saturday) for an event that started on the 23rd (Wednesday) and went to the 27th (Sunday). If Mr. Bernier was going to attend the WEF meetings, he wouldn’t have had enough time to complete his task of asking for foreign co-operation. Click here to see Canada’s official report on Maxime’s Visit.

With that many people involved at the top of the conservative party, it is hard not to imagine the impact that WEF has had on the party itself. After all, it was Conservatives that brought in Agenda 2030 which has its roots in the World Economic Forum.

The PPC’s Position on all of the Above

It has become quite clear that Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada will do what is necessary to restore Canada back to common sense. Maxime’s arrest and numerous fines, when he spoke out against the government’s strong arm tactics against the freedoms that are protected by our Bill of Rights, has proven just how far he will go to fight for your rights and freedoms. Canada has lost its compass and unfortunately the loyal opposition is not stepping up to address any of the issues that concern the people of this great country.

Getting rid of Trudeau is not the only issue here. Getting rid of one puppet and putting another one in doesn’t make things better. We have to ensure the incoming government is not compromised by removing the globalist stronghold that has gripped Canada for decades. Maxime Bernier walked away from the “Corrupt Conservative Party” in 2018 when he realized his ideas about removing foreign aid and corporate welfare, two issues very dear to both the Liberal and Conservative party, were considered unacceptable by the people behind the Conservatives. Both of these issues give money to 3rd world dictators and corporations who generously donate back to family foundations and political parties.

Click on chart to see how things changed when Justin became leader of the Liberal Party

The PPC vision is dedicated to a more Libertarian ideology and reducing the government’s interference into our freedom and economy. Maxime has spoken out about all of the issues where no other MP dares to tread. The PPC platform is exactly what Canada requires to make its people and economy succeed. Mr. Bernier has echoed the concerns of all Canadians and offers a party and government that is determined by the people and what is best for the people of Canada.